PomPom's Blog

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About Me

You can call me PomPom, or Pom, or Parry. I'm a twenty-something year old woman from a dangerous country you'll probably never visit. Currently, I major in fine arts; painting, specifically.
I'm a fujoshi, though I rarely read/watch original BL. Almost all my favourite couples are from shounen anime or video games lol!
I'm a metalhead but I'll listen to pretty much anything (yes, even K-pop)! Though most of my friends are also metalheads, I don't really like people who have a superiority complex over their taste in music.
I'm a cat person! I love love love cats! I don't have any of my own but I feed the strays when I can. Pictured above is me and a stray kitty that hangs around our campus. He's very fat and happy!

My Interests

Mesmerize - System of a Down; Issues - Korn; If - Mindless Self Indulgence
Kuroshitsuji; Osomatsu-San; Naruto(currently watching); JJBA
Video Games
Metal Gear Solid 2; Devil May Cry 3; No More Heroes; Hotline Miami